Are you seeking Great things for yourself?

Are you seeking Great things for yourself?

J.N. Manokaran

“And do you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not, for behold, I am bringing disaster upon all flesh, declares the Lord. But I will give you your life as a prize of war in all places to which you may go.” (Jeremiah 45:6)

Baruch was the secretary and scribe for Prophet Jeremiah for many years.  God spoke to him, it was both rebuke and promise.  The promise is that he will not lose his life in the disastrous situation.  The rebuke was that he should not seek great things for himself.  What kind of great things must have Baruch sought after?  In the world today, what kind of great things people in general and the disciples of Lord Jesus Christ in particular seek after?

  1. Rights: Baruch enjoyed a status in the society and community as learned scribe and working for a well-known prophet of his time. He imagined or expected that he also be given equal rights and privileges that is bestowed to a prophet.  Though not a prophet he must have aspired for the rights.  Today people like to claim entitlements, privileges and rights for serving the Lord.
  2. Respect: Prophet Jeremiah was well respected. Even the kings of invading nations had high for him.  May be, Baruch also expected such kind of respect from people.  Though Prophet Jeremiah had respect, he was at risk.  He was even thrown into a dungeon and could have died.
  3. Regards: The king and many other people regarded the wisdom, counsel and advice of Prophet Jeremiah.  Baruch also could have aspired for such position of influence.
  4. Recognition: Though there were critics, Prophet Jeremiah was recognized as a Man of God, called by God.  Baruch did not have that kind of recognition.
  5. Remuneration: Baruch was an educated man.  He would read and write.  However, being a scribe for prophet could not have brought him riches.  There are many who serve God to gain riches and wealth.  It is not possible to serve God and Mammon.
  6. Rewards: In the contemporary times, there are many who seek rewards in terms of titles, citation and honorifics.
  7. Resources: Today, there are many who are serving the Lord are greedy of resources: land, assets, properties, equipment, vehicles,   Overseas travel…etc.  They do not seek for the extension of Kingdom but for their own inflated egos.
  8. Recreation: When I observe the status of many Christians today, especially those who are in ministry, a majority of them are in constant recreation.  Priority of Kingdom of God is missing in their daily, weekly and monthly activities.


Like Baruch, all of us are guilty of seeking great things, apart from God’s perfect will.  Learning and disciplining ourselves with an attitude of contentment, doing His will and glorifying God is true spiritual service.


About J.N. Manokaran

Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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