Anti Dote for Suicide – wise parenting

Anti-dote for Suicide – wise parenting

J.N. Manokaran

Parents have to imbibe right traits in their children.  With many suicides in Kota, where the frustrated young people kill themselves as they have sense of failure.  It is obvious many in Kota preparing to enter IIT will not be able to make it.  Yet, many parents are putting the children under rigorous situations.  Parents should remember to teach children:

Selflessness:  Parents should teach children the value of selflessness.  Instead of driving children to ruthless competition with other children, they should be taught to care and share with others.  Treating other children like sworn enemies and competitors who should be eradicated is a dangerous and disastrous value that damages relationships among children.

Sacrifice:  Parents fail to teach children on the value of sacrifice.  It involves giving.  This is opposite of possessiveness.  “Me only” and “right now” mentality of children is nurtured by ambitious parents.  Allowing children to experience gratification without limits lead them to have entitlement mentality.  The anti-dote is to teach them to be grateful and generous.  Without gratefulness and graciousness being generous is not possible.

Service:  Parents should teach children the value of service.  Children in India are not taught the day-to-day work like helping mother in kitchen, cleaning the table after meals, washing clothes, irnoning clothes, mopping floor, cleaning washroom, changing bed covers…etc.  If they cannot serve at home, they cannot serve outside.  Many children think doing these things is below their dignity.

Stewardship:  Life is a gift from God to use our talents and abilities to serve the community.  Children are in the world with a purpose that is intended by God and not for purpose of parents.  Many parents like to see their unfulfilled ambitions to be fulfilled in their children.  I have heard parents say:  “Ï could not become a doctor (Engineer, IAS officer, study in IIT, IIM), I want you to become one. Instead of fulfilling God intended purpose, children are forced to fulfill vague dreams of their parents.  This ends up in frustration and many youngsters commit suicide too.

Success:  Parents should teach the children that success is not just getting marks and getting well paid job.  Parents misguide children by giving material values more importance than moral values.  Truthfulness, Justice, love, peace, giving, sharing, caring, righteousness, hard work, human dignity, obedience, commitment, honesty, integrity, purity, patience, kindness, …etc. should be demonstrated by parents.  Children should learn Why they live? That leads to How they live?


About J.N. Manokaran

Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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