Fundamentals counters False Teaching

Fundamentals counters False Teaching

J.N. Manokaran

It is good to note that False Teaching is recognized as such and counter measures are being taken by younger leaders and newer churches.  This itself is a healthy sign.  However, it is essential to understand that there are fundamental principles that when ignored or violated, allows False Teaching to flourish and multiply.  I have put some fundamentals in an easy to way to understand to build the immune system that withstands False Teaching onslaught.

  1. Anchor or Astray?

First of all each and every disciple of Lord Jesus Christ should have a daily discipline and daily habit of devotionally studying the Word of God.  Habit and discipline like brushing the teeth.  Missing one day is also detrimental to health, so is the spiritual health.  It is devotional study and not academic study.  The fundamental belief that the Bible is THE word of God.  (Not that Bible contains the Word of God or Bible includes the Word of God).  Second, Bible is God’s Word.  One who does not read it states to God: ÿou shut your mouth, we know.”   Third, the ultimate the author of the Bible in the Holy Spirit.  One who does not read the bible insults, ignores, and grieves the Holy Spirit every day and consistently.  Any believer, who is not thus anchored in the daily intake of the Holy Scripture would be lead astray.

  1. Biblical literacy

The disciples in the city of Berea were noble as they could evaluate the preaching of Paul based on Scripture.  (Acts 17:11)  Without even reading one time from Genesis to Revelation, it is impossible to discern, deduct the False Teaching.  Superficial reading of the Bible is not enough.  Paul’s hearers had the guts to test the teaching of great preacher like Paul.  It is not how popular is the preacher matter, how consistent with the scripture is the preacher matters more.  I say with a painful grieving heart that many pastors, worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders and even song writers have not even read the Bible even once.  Please remember, Moses had to sit in the presence of God forty days and nights fasting to receive, understand and grasp the Ten Commandments.  Biblical literacy is a tough hard spiritual task.

  1. Conviction

Our belief should be based on convictions and not according to convenience.  Many arguments are done for the sake of convenience, based on partial information.  For example, the argument of adult baptism.  Lord Jesus was baptized as an adult when he was 30 years old.  If somebody questions back:  “Why at the age of 30.  Should all adult baptism done at the age of 30?  Jesus was circumcised on eighth day should all Christians be also circumcised?” This counter question is conveniently ignored but argument for adult baptism persists.  There is no conviction or consistency in understanding what we believe.  Take time to understand our own convictions from the depth of the Scripture.

  1. Doctrine

For many doctrine is allergic stuff.  Understanding the history of the church is next important aspect after understanding the Bible.  History of the church provides numerous insights that puts to rest many of our doubts.  When I read the questions asked by youngsters, they are just repetition of what had been asked 2000 years ago and answered several times in history.  The fundamental or basic or essential doctrines of the bible has developed over centuries after debates, discussion, dissention, disagreements.  Acts chapter 15 is a classic example of how the church develops the principles and doctrines.  Hence, it is essential to study and teach our people the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith with historical perspective.

  1. Error

Though all Christian leaders try to be true and honest, they could not be 100 per cent perfect.  The best teachers could have a minor erroneous teaching.  Errors do not basically violate the essentials of the Christian faith.  For example, one great man of God believed that the only posture for prayer is kneeling down.  He refused to consider other postures of prayer and rejected all those who prayed in different posture.  This is not False teaching but erroneous understanding of scripture.

  1. False Teaching

False teaching is essentially, deception.  Satan has cunningly, twisted or deviated or misinterpreted or over emphasized some aspect of the teaching.  That particular aspect of teaching is so magnified that all other truth are connected with that one aspect.  In essence, that is hyped to be the capstone of the whole structure.


If we are clear in ABCDE, we are less prone to fall in F – False teaching trap.


About J.N. Manokaran

Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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