‘Rights’ and Righteousness

‘Rights’ and Righteousness

J.N. Manokaran

Laurie Holloway said. “It’s a horrible call to have to make, but human life will always take precedence over the animal.”[1]  Two lions were shot dead to save a man who most probably suicidal.[2]  Maneka Gandhi questions the environment ministry of Central Government for ‘lust to kill’ as animals were killed to protect human inhabitants in various States in India.[3]  In the postmodern world, there seems to be an opinion or perspective that all lives including that of human, animals, birds, whales…etc are equal.  It is only a matter of time if Mosquito, bed bugs, bacteria, virus rights protection organizations could emerge.

The zoo officials were severely criticized by animal rights activists.  However, the zoo officials gave higher grading for human life.  For the activists, there should not have been any intervention.  For the evolution theory and Charles Darwinism believes in the ‘survival of the fittest.’  Hence, the fittest should emerge as the survivor, and the zoo officials did not have any right to intervene.

Are the ‘rights’ movement right?

Modernism strived with only human rights, and postmodernism is struggling with a huge list of ‘rights’.  With more ‘rights’ movements like earth rights, minority rights, gender rights… there would be a galaxy.  All these ‘rights’ movements claim intrinsic or natural justice.  And these ‘rights’ is independent of any relationship with others.  Animal ‘rights’ are so precious that it should be considered parallel with human rights or any other.  Each ‘rights’ movement is considered non-negotiable.

In their opinion the ‘rights’ are not conferred by others or humans, it is natural, self-evident and sure.  So, the hierarchy of values of lives are not right.  Human rights are not above animal rights or earth rights.  Hence all should be treated equal.  This brings in the worldview of Eastern religions that believe in Karma and reincarnation.

Righteous God Is Out?

On the whole, God is out of the picture.  He has no role to play as there is no absolute authority for God.  Postmodern tend to ask:  Who is that God?  Who voted him or elected him to be God?  Who gave him authority to make laws and ordain hierarchies of human world or animal world or world beneath the ocean?

The Righteous God of the Bible is dethroned, His authority undermined, His Law defied, His character assassinated and His deeds ridiculed.  When there is no reference point of Absolute God and His Absolute morality, every other reference point becomes authentic and true, the victim of pluralistic attitude and worldview.

Human righteousness as filthy rags

Prophet Isaiah declared that human righteousness are like filthy rags.  (Isaiah 64:6)  Human beings could create a hundred arguments to justify their perspective of righteousness, they cannot stand scrutiny of Holy God.  Legal, rational, logical, emotional, dynamic, ultra postmodern, spiritual, moral, natural, theological, scientific arguments all come cropper as Prophet Isaiah terms them as ‘filthy rags’.  Filthy rags is interpreted as ‘mensural clothes’ by some bible scholars.  So, all these right movements, however sophisticated, refined and elegant if not according to the basic tenets of the Bible are just filthy rags.  ‘Rights’ becomes wrongs without reference to God, His Character and His Purpose.

Perspective of God

The solution and understanding for all aspects of human life, worldview and behavior is that the Bible becomes the authentic and authoritative arbitrator. Interpreting the Scripture with right methodology will bring clarity and establish a worldview that is right in the sight of God.  Without the anchor of the Bible, all human movements would be floating aimless vessels in the vast ocean – no basis, no purpose and no eternal future.



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[2] http://fox6now.com/2016/05/22/zoo-officials-killed-two-lions-to-save-suicidal-man-who-jumped-into-big-cats-enclosure/ retrieved on 10 June 2016.

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