‘Ideologically Neutral” Worldview?

‘Ideologically Neutral” Worldview?

J.N. Manokaran

Today, the media claims that it is ideologically neutral, there are political movements that claim so and a lot of youngsters also think so.  The ideological spectrum from Left-Centre-Right seems to have disappeared.  ‘Ideologically Neutral” is the buzz word today.  The media claims that it is ideologically neutral.  In this context, it is essential to understand what this worldview stands for?

Let us see some case studies that happened the in the recent past in India:

  1. Reservation for us also

There have been several caste groups that are economically, socially and politically well advanced and influential, however craving for getting Government sponsored reservation in education institutions and jobs.  Patidars, Jats and other castes have demanded this affirmative action.  They want their caste to be declared as ‘backward/.

  1. Water scarcity and entertainment

2016 has seen an unprecedented drought in few districts of India.  A district Latur (Maharashtra) had to receive water by train wagon from other parts of the State.  When the water scarcity was so high, the High Court of Maharashtra ordered that the India Premier Leaguer (IPL) cricket matches be shifted to other States.  One blogger writes that the water saved by not using to prepare the cricket pitch could only provide water for 400 people for six months.  Hence, the High Couth should not interfere.

Neutral is awefully disconnected

The neutral stand is not a viable, sustainable, reasonable or righteous position.  Here are some major aspects we could derive from the above two case studies.

  1. Disconnect from history

The agitation by certain castes to be included in the Backward Castes list to avail the benefits of reservation is marked by disconnect from history.  The privilege of Reservation is provided by the Constitution of India to disadvantaged groups of people due to social and economic exclusion in the past.  For centuries, these caste groups were deprived of education and other progressive provision and were victims of discrimination.  To help these marginalized people, reservation was provided by the Government.  The policy is to help a deprived caste group to become equal with other groups that have moved forward.   However, these forward caste groups led by youngsters demand that they too be given that benefit of those who were marginalized.

The policy of helping people to attain equality is opposed by the privileged castes.  Reservation is like a walking stick provided to a disabled man.  However, normal people are trying to pull the walking stick away or demand walking stick for all.  Walking stick in the hand of normal and healthy person would be rather misused to attack others rather than help oneself.

Ideologically neutral youngsters want to kick off the basis of equality and equal opportunity for all – a liberal ideology and decide based on the desires and cravings of those who are well advanced.  Without a paradigm, ideologically neutral people end up asking a selfish question,:  “What do I get?”

  1. Disconnect from current realities

The Reservation agitation was sometimes violent.  One young man states:  “I got 80% marks, I did not get seat in a particular college; however, one who got just 60% got the seat.”  This is only a partial truth.  The youngster who did not get the seat had many advantages:  his parents were graduates, went to English medium school, had coaching and tuitions every day   and did not have to work at home or outside to earn some money.  The other youngster parents are illiterate, they cannot even help in doing his homework.  The poor boy went to a vernacular medium school that was run by the government, where there were no teachers, no teaching and no infrastructure.  Tuition and coaching was beyond the boy’s ability.  The poor boy had to come home and do domestic work and at times work outside to get some additional income for the family.  The reservation demanding upper class young fellow did not have objective truth just subjective truth.  Even if the elite boy understands, he refuses to acknowledge the same.  It is not possible to compare apples with oranges.

In fact, this elite boy was comparing the best of the deprived people with the worst of the elite people.  That was also unfair comparison. If the percentage of youngsters from deprived community who get seats in professional colleges is less I proportion of their population.  That factor is ignored in the propaganda.

  1. Disconnect from suffering masses

In India, there are still areas i.e. villages that do not have electricity.  However, election manifesto of some political promises promise free electricity and less cost for electricity.  The priority is not providing electricity who do not have, but better supply at cheaper cost for the privileged.  The ideology neutral means being concerned about oneself and not about others.  These masses are out of sight and out of consideration.  The elite like to have pizza in 15 minutes and majority of people do not get ambulance in 15 minutes or fire brigade or police.

  1. Disconnect from moral values

When Rome was burning, it is believed that Nero was playing violin.  Queen Mary said, if people did not have bread, let them eat cakes.  Such is the insensitive attitude today.  If people in Latur do not get water, let that be so; the show of IPL should continue as usual.  If water is wasted in preparing a cricket field is important investment for entertainment.  For this ideological neutral youngsters entertainment trumps survival.  Human need, human dignity and human rights are not values that can be pursued, but sacrifices in the altar of self, ego, and arrogance.

Neutral is not really neutral

The so called ideologically neutral position is not neutral if we observe carefully.  In this ideology self is the god, greed is the creed and the whole world should bow down before ‘I’ the centre of the world.  The only question asked is:  What is in that for me?   Or What do I gain?  The things I get need not be moral, legitimate or righteous or ethical.  The things could be physical relationship, material things, pleasure, sensation, feel good factor, enjoyment, food …etc.  A life driven by emotional excitement, sensual pleasure and eat and drink principle; living for the present without eternal perspective.

Disruptive and destructive

The ideological neutral stand creates a new god – self.  Not only it is disconnected from truth and reality, it is self-deceptive as it is not based on facts but on sentiments and emotions.  This could disruptive to the social progress and social justice.  If not confronted this could be dangerous political ideology and lead the society into abysmal depths.



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