New Intentions

New Intentions

J.N. Manokaran

Each year begins with numerous New Year decisions or resolutions.  But, they do not lost even for weeks.  So, I thought of having “New Intentions” that is applicable for day-to-day life.  These are not ‘New’ but ‘basics’ we often forget or neglect.  It is more like code of conduct for my life.  I share this, because it may be useful to some of you.  As there are twelve months in a year, I have listed 12 intentions that could be picked up and focused during each month.

  1. Invite:  The first thing I like to do in the New Year is to invite Lord Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Saviour.  The invitation involves him being my guide, friend, counselor and master.  I will be his follower, friend, and slave.  He will indwell in me, dine with me and be Emmanuel – God with us.
  2. Intensify:  There should be growth in all areas of life.  The most important would be in the area of spiritual life.  One of the growth indicators is increase in the intensity of loving the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul.  My love to the Lord should be intensified and passion for Him multiplied this year.
  3. Investigate:  The Berean Christians were noble as they carefully studied the Scripture (Acts 17:11).  I will investigate the Scripture studiously and enthusiastically apply the truths in my live so that I become noble like the Berean Christians.  That also means to buy the truth(Proverbs 23:23).  That is to put in my effort, time, energy and mental capacity as price to understand the truth.
  4. Inform:  I will share information with others in a better way.  Communication is essence of life.  Many times I do not communicate clearly so that the other person understands well.  So, information becomes misinformation and communication ends as miscommunication and instead of understanding there is misunderstanding.  Developing the art and skill of communication would be another area I will work hard.  I will not be chattering like fools to come to ruin (Proverbs 10:8, 10).  Sending message through fool is like cutting one’s own feet (Proverbs 26:6).  How do I communicate as God’s messenger?
  5. Intercede:  Prayer is more selfish than any other spiritual activity.  Seeking blessings for one, family, loved ones…is the norm of many.  Breaking this limited barrier and praying and pleading for others is intercession.  It is a rare privilege for Christians.  I would like to intercede more for nations, people groups and missions.
  6. Initiate:  Most of the times in life, we react to events, circumstances and people.  I have a bad attitude; respond only when others initiate.  I would like to initiate proactively, diligently things around me.  That means to be clear on my vision, mission and God’s purpose and initiate to bring glory and honour to His name.
  7. Innocent not ignorant:  Lord Jesus taught his disciples to innocent as doves, but shrewd as serpents (Matthew 10:16).  Being simple, giving benefit of doubt to others, thinking best of other people, not becoming corrupt, avoiding evil influences are some of the measures to be innocent like doves which I would like to pursue.  But that does not mean that I would be ignorant of context or community or contemporary world.
  8. Ingrain divine nature:  Becoming like Christ is spiritual evolution and life goal.  For that understanding the nature of God and imbibing them in our lives is important.  I will allow the Holy Spirit to ingrain, imbibe and graft the divine nature and crucify my carnal nature.  This means lot of conscious effort.
  9. Innovate and Invent:  God is the creator, and human beings are expected to be co-creators.  Creativity is God’s gift to humanity.  There are always new ways of doing things in all realms of life; be it spiritual or social or personal.  Inventing new ideas and innovating new procedures to be more productive in my personal life would be another priority.
  10. Invest:  Sowing the seeds to reap in the future is the law of life.  Wise investments today would bring rich dividends tomorrow.  Ants gather in small measure that saves their lives in harsh winters (Proverbs 30:25).  Investing in worthy causes with long term intentions and benefit is wisdom.  I will invest my time, energy, knowledge, money and other resources that would bring great dividends in the future.
  11. Influence:  All of us influence others, either for good or for bad.  Our words and actions are seen, heard, and observed and would be imitated by others.  I determine to be cautious in my words, deeds, attitude and behavior so that I could be positive influence to the society.
  12. Integrate:  Life is not compartments, but integrated one.  I would like to integrate my physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, intellectual- aspects of life, under Lordship of Lord Jesus Christ.  There would be not room for hypocrisy but integrity.

These seem to be lofty ideals but they are pragmatic.  So, only our good Lord have revealed them in the Scripture.  I can do all things for He strengthens me.



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Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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One Response to New Intentions

  1. What fabulous intentions… I loved it all. These are really very important for us to have it as we are about to leave the old year and enter into another fresh year.

    Great article Sir. Thanks!!!

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