I want to be a carpenter

“I want to be a carpenter”

J.N. Manokaran

A teenager declared that he wanted to become a carpenter in an extended family gathering. All the family members were shocked, and wished that it was just a joke. However, Samuel was adamant. He insisted that he wanted to be a carpenter only.

Each member of the family suggested one profession or the other as the best alternative. IT engineer, doctor, psychologist, HR executive, Media professional, Lawyer, Music director, Event manager, Finance consultant, ….etc. Samuel was neither persuaded nor perturbed, he stood his ground that he wanted to become a carpenter only.

Samuel’s father, CEO of an IT company started his mini-lecture. “Son, you cannot make money in this job. You need good income to lead a comfortable life. Being a carpenter will not give you enough income. That is economic suicide.Forget about this nonsense.” Samuel did not reply. He smiled within himself. He spoke gently: “Is money the only criteria for choosing a job?”

Samuel’s mother works as a nurse in a hospital. Certainly, she had her bit of advice too. “Son, that job does not have dignity. See, how they treat carpenters. They do not call them by name, instead call them like they do pet dogs. There is no respect in this work. People will mistreat you. Think of becoming a doctor, with white coat and stethoscope hanging from your neck. That would be awesome.”

Uncle Rajan was also present. He is one of the respected members of the family. He was active in the church and served on the board of several Christian organizations. He has his own transport business and lot of influence in the society. “What will people think, if a young man from this reputed family like ours become a carpenter. They will spit on my face. We will all have to hang our heads in shame.”

Rajan’s wife Rajni also was there. She became very furious as the conversation progressed. “Who will give you bride? How can we ask for a girl for a carpenter? Pack these funny ideas and throw them in the deep sea.” Jovially Samuel said: “Are all carpenters bachelors?” Rajni said, “You will not get bride from any respected family.”

There was senior cousin of Samuel, Ramesh who was like a friend and mentor. He also had a say: “Dude, it is hard work. We have to work with our own hands. It is toilsome. Your palms will become numb in due course of time. Be wise, choose something better.”

Samuel stirred the hornet’s nest or opened the Pandora box. Tsunami in his home when he shared his heart desire. Samuel stood up: “Lord Jesus Christ was a carpenter. Why can’t I be?” He rushed to his room and wondered what kind of world is this? They love Jesus but do not love his profession?


About J.N. Manokaran

Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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