Teachers – Agents of Transformation

Teachers – Agents of Transformation

J.N. Manokaran

All of us have one or few beloved teachers who changed the course of our life.  We cherish their memory. 


Teachers are called by God to be His instruments. Teachers are called by God to serve the society to be leaders, light, guide, influence, counselors, mentors, equippers, encouragers.  God in his sovereign grace has chosen some people to be his instruments in the society.  It is a great privilege to be His instrument.


Teachers are also instructors. They model to the students by their lives. Many children gain the trait of their teachers. They try to imitate their teachers style, speech, gestures and interests. There is a saying: “There is no uninteresting subject, only uninteresting teachers.” If teachers are not excited about the subject they teach, why should the students be excited about. Teachers are supposed to give knowledge to children and not methods and means to pass in the exams. Such techniques does not benefit the children in the long-run and it can also harm the society and nation.


Teachers could impact the society positively. Some teachers who were concerned about environment and child labour spoke with children in schools. These children were encouraged not to use crackers and sparklers for festival celebration as these are manufactured by children who were deprived of school. Also, this causes air pollution and affect the atmosphere. These teachers could impress upon these children and they boycotted using crackers during festivals. It made a great impact on the society.


Teachers invest in the lives of children and shape the next generation.  Many professions are called only to serve and shape the present generation, but, teachers shape and set the direction of the next generation.  They sow the seed that would bring forth harvest after many more years.  Teachers sow knowledge, love, values, truth, and hope in the lives of the youngsters who are going to future leaders of the nation. Who knows, teachers may be teaching future prime ministers, diplomats, bureaucrats, judges..etc. 


Teachers are not expected to create a herd of robots. Children are people created in the image of God. They have lot of creative ideas and are ready to experiment them. Researchers state that when children finish their school, their creativity is murdered and they become only like the multitude in the rat race. Christian teachers should value creativity and innovation. They should encourage children to explore, experiment and experience new thought and ideas.


Teachers could inspire children to achieve great things. They can give new vision to the younger generation. Vision of improving the lives of people, building a nation, exploring science to add benefits to humanity, doing research that would enhance human knowledge, sacrifice for greater good, working hard for seeing progress and invent new things to solve several human problems.


Teachers have tremendous opportunity to get involved in the community.  They are highly respected and regarded in the society.  Christian teachers have tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ and take the gospel into many homes.  For example, there is a class teacher of class V in a school.  He or she has about 40 children in his/her care for one academic year.  The teacher should pray for each student daily and plan to visit the homes of all 40 children in one calendar year.  This could be done like meeting one family per week.  A teacher is highly respected in the homes of students.  Visiting them and getting to know them will give good relationship with the family.  Teachers could guide the students in many aspects of life including life skills.  There could be other one hundred ways to be involved.  Being creative, would give us new open doors for the gospel. 


God is calling teachers to be His instruments, so that to invest in the future generation and be creatively, proactively involved in the society.  Their involvement would bring transformation through the love of Lord Jesus Christ. 


 (Excerpts from the book:  Christ and Local Churches by J.N. Manokaran)


About J.N. Manokaran

Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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