The Mission of Incarnation

The Mission of Incarnation

J.N. Manokaran


Few months ago I heard Rev. Needham from UK in a conference.  He was speaking from the First Christmas.  God is sending his Son into the world, the greatest historical event, and God did not prepare for his Son properly.  The earthly father Joseph failed even to book a room in Bethlehem.  Mary did not visit a Just Born shop to keep clothes ready for the Son of God, so Jesus was wrapped in rags.  To deliver Son of God in a unhygienic place like the stable was beyond human understanding.  Then Needham asked the audience:  “When the Heavenly Father did not prepare for His own Son, why do you expect or desire or demand certain services and remuneration?  What right you have to murmur about imperfect surroundings and discomfort?” 

This question hit me hard in the beginning of Christmas season.  Almost after a decade we had to move our home from one rental to another.  One Christian family had offered a decent accommodation for a reasonable rent.  We shifted our household items into the new house.  However, the contractor who was supposed to complete the building missed the deadline.  In the midst of shower pipe runs dry; the motor pump fails to start; the cool air escapes the bed room as one shutter was forgotten;  the washing machine outlet pipe to drainage is obstructed the water floods the bedroom and drowns some important documents…etc.  This Christmas season reminds me of the First Christmas; not every aspect was in order; there were chaos, confusion and disappointment.  Lord Jesus was born in an imperfect world and we live in the same imperfect world. 

The micro issues can sink the macro mission for which God has called us.  The mission is the most important thing and in the long-term, micro issues become irrelevant.  The mission of incarnation happened in spite of all the troubles.  Our focus should be the God given vision and not the minor irritations and distractions. 


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  1. Robin and Esther says:

    Nice thought.

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