Standard of living and standard of giving

Standard of living and standard of giving

J.N. Manokaran

After finishing my preaching assignment in a church, I had an interesting conversation with a prominent member of the church.  He was sharing about his faith journey:  “When I came to this church ten years ago, I came riding a cycle.  Then God blessed me with a motor bike.  Now I own a Hyundai car.  Next year, I plan to buy Honda city.  My two children are now studying in the best English medium school in the city.  We have moved from two room apartment to four room villa. In short, God has prospered me and raised my standard of living.”

I said:  “Praise the Lord. It is wonderful testimony.  Do you know why God increases our wealth?”

He replied:  “God wants us to be prosperous, blessed and wealthy in this world.”

I suggested:  “God raises our standard of living to test us; are we better  stewards?  When standard of living goes up, our standard of giving should go up.”

He was puzzled and it looks as if he did not understand what I was saying.  So, again I said:  “Brother you gave 10% (tithe) to the Lord when you came on bicycle, the same percentage when you came on motor bike; obviously the same percentage when you are coming in your car.  Have you increased the percentage of your giving?”

Certainly, he was not pleased.  May be, I will not be invited to preach in that church again.


About J.N. Manokaran

Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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