October 2012 – Family and Ministry Update

October 2012 – Family and Ministry Update

Dear prayer partners,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I am attending a training programme of Community Bible Study at Colorado Springs, so that Every One in the World in the Word becomes reality in India also.

Diaspora Seminars

Reaching Indian Diaspora seminars were held in the cities of Denver (6 October); Washington D.C. (13 October); New Jersey (19 October); Columbus (20 October) and Chicago (27 October).  Spoke in Sunday worship in Denver Tamil Church (7 October); Washington DC. (14 October); and in Chicago Bible Fellowship (28 October).  I was able to introduce CBS in all these cities and few were excited about it.

27 years Pilgrimage of faith

26 October 1985:  Commitment to launch out in faith to be full time workers for the Lord in Kancheepuram while both of us serving Tamil Nadu Government.

1986: Proceeded to North India not knowing where to get down from the train on 15 February and reached Delhi on 17 February.  Stayed short while in Poanta Sahib (Himachal Pradesh) figuring out God’s direction.

1987    Engaged in ministry in Yamunanagar (Haryana) and had struggles in finances, culture, and language.

1988    Involved in children ministry in Bal Vikas Kendra, Chhachhraouli and ministering in churches in five plus villages.  Rosy had a miscarriage of a 7 month boy foetus.  Hosanna started going to St. Thomas School, Jagadhiri.

1989    Started various ministries like Vacation Bible School, youth retreats and bible study groups in Yamunanagar.

1990    Helped Transworld Radio contacts follow up programme.  Developed contacts with various churches in Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

1991    Engaged in ministries with several churches in Northern region by conducting Church Growth seminars, Mission Mobilization seminars, Youth retreats, Vacation Bible Schools and promoting literature.

1992    Rshtriya Susamachar Parishad (RSP) an indigenous movement was born with three founders – Dr. Rajesh Agarwal , Solomon Bodhan and me.  Thambos was born.

1993    Started writing articles in magazines like Light of Life.  Travelled widely in North India and spoke  in churches and conferences.

1994    Helped India Missions Association to do PIN code survey of Haryana and also People Group research.

1995    Haryana Pastors and leaders conference was held in Jagadhiri for the first time.  A Christian directory of Haryana was released.  Haryana Harvest Network was born.  Moved to the city of  Chandigarh from Jagadhiri.

1996    Rosy asthma attack, God gave her second life.  Attended India Missions Conference in Hyderabad and RSP became a Member Mission of IMA.

1997    As a family we moved to Chennai for helping Rosy to recover from the impact of Asthma treatment.  Started working with Church Growth Association of India conducting seminars and trainings for leaders.  Prepared a simple tool for missionaries to do research which has been widely used.

1998    Did Master in Theology in Hindustan Bible Institute.  Had an accident, and while recuperating got the vision of Urban Missions that resulted in being dubbed as ‘Urban Missiologist’.

1999    Joined India Missions Association as part-time staff and engaged in research, mission mobilization, promoting the idea of urban missions, writing and training.

2000    Attended Leadership training in Haggai Institute, Maui – First International trip which was a miracle.

2001    Conducted several Urban Consultations in several cities in India.  As the result of Urban consultations, developed city networks and national urban network for India.  Attended the Tentmakers International conference in Manila, Philippines as India representative..

2002    joined Trainers of Pastors International Coalition and started doing non-formal trainings for pastors throughout India.

2003    Hosanna goes to Russia as a Student Missionary.  Conducted short-term Leadership training for pastors in various cities.

2004    Helped National Prayer Network to use information for intercession.  Prepared the prayer guide for General Elections 2004 and also template for Prayer Guide for city,  which became the model and standard for subsequent elections and several city prayer guides.

2005    Did innovative Rehabilitation work for Tsunami victims in Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattnam and Kanyakumari districts.  My major work: “Christ and Cities” was published by Mission Educational Books and was reprinted and used as text books.

2006    Step Up To Life evangelism books published.  As a whole over 30 lakh copies in nine languages were published and distributed.  The concept of four levels of training was developed and detailed list of subjects in each level worked out.

2007    Extensive travels in several cities for training.  My second major book:  “Christ and Missional Leaders” was published.  One more print in Philippines.  Tamil and Hindi translations were published.  Visited US and spoke in several places and also visited Canada.

2008    Third major book: “Christ and Transformational Missions” was  published.  God enabled me to develop training manuals for various levels of training.   In few cities, City Transformation Events were done.

2009    Hosanna took a break due to illness for a year.  There were setbacks due to a minor accident and financial losses.  It was privilege to speak in the Global Cities Initiative in New York.  Writers’ Vision Workshop was conducted in various cities in India, Sri Lanka and USA.

2010    My fourth major book: “Christ and New Generation Youth” was published.  Spoke in Germany and conducted a leadership training for leaders of Sri Lankan Tamil church.

2011    My fifth book “Christ and Families” was published by Centre For Contemporary Christianity.  Hosanna went to be with the Lord on 2 September.  On her birth day (22 November) a tribute “Beyond Boundaries” was published.  Joined Community Bible Study to facilitate Bible study groups in India as TOPIC decided to close their ministries.  God opened doors to co-ordinate Community Bible Study ministries in India.

2012    “Ministry Call to Home Call” first book on Member Care in India was published by Missionary Upholders Trust.  I was one of the editors.  The first National Conference of Community Bible Study was held in Delhi from 1-3 October.  A series of Challenge of Reaching Indian Diaspora was held in few cities in US.

Promise for the future

“Restrain your voice from weeping     and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded,” declares the Lord.  (Jeremiah 31: 16)


Rosy was alone at home during this trip for long time after Hosanna’s home call.  The servant maid also did not come to work.  God enabled her to manage.


Thambos along with Aark Fellowship leader Sangeetha has launched out Community Bible Studies for young people.

Yours in His Vineyard,

J.N. Manokaran



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Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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  1. Jaya Sankar says:

    Great and Long faith walk. God be with you brother. You are in our prayers.

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