Gracebook and Facebook


Every day many people struggle with their priorities.  For some, it is a test of their spiritual life.  What should come first?  Facebook or GraceBook (the Bible). 

Facing the Facebook

First, let us ask the question:  Facebook controls me or I control the Facebook?  Many people are so controlled by Facebook that they wake up in the middle of night to check ‘status updates’. 

Second question we have to ask:  Do I have true real friends though I have a galaxy of virtual friends?  In Facebook people post their problems seeking solution from numerous friends (or stranger friends).  That means people do not have a peer or coach or mentor or well wisher with whom s/he can share the problem. 

Third question is:  Am I in the society of loners?  There are many who lock their room, log in and stay for hours together.  They do not see the sunlight or faces of people buy only Facebook.  They are loners without social life or purpose.  Exclusive use of electronic communication will not enrich friendships or relationships

Four, regarding status updates:  Do I upload strange, useless, and meaningless updates on my electronic wall?  There are many who update frequently with strange dreams, ideas, what they ate, log of their feelings… that does not help anyone.  May be it frustrates others. 

Five, how many groups you are part of? Or pages you like?  There are numerous groups that spring up every day, like mushrooms.  Are we part of such groups?  Strangely, I can be co-opted in groups even without my consent.  There are pages of advertisements or events that are not relevant.  They are junk posts, deleting them itself consumes lot of time. 

In Contrast, GraceBook…

First, teaches me to take charge of my life, morally, spiritually, physically, socially, and mentally. 

Second, it helps me to develop healthy relationships, meaningful friendships and edifying fellowships with people who have same values, desires and aspirations in life. 

Third, I understand that I am not a loner, but part of God’s plan for humanity.  I am inspired by great people of God, fellowship with contemporary people of God and would be spending eternity with all people of God.  That makes me to thing beyond time, geography – globally. 

Four, I can read Status Update in God’s sight about myself.  That helps me to re-orient my life with true meaning and purpose.  My life itself becomes model and inspiration for others.

Five, I am not bombarded with advertisements trying to turn my attention towards their products.  My attention and attraction is towards the living God, who loves me, leads me and sustains me. 

It is GRACEBOOK  and not the FACEBOOK that provides a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose for my life.  I like to spend more time with GRACEBOOK rather than FACEBOOK.  How about you?

– J.N. Manokaran


About J.N. Manokaran

Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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