Glorious or Glamorous

Glorious  or Glamorous  Ministry

J.N. Manokaran

Recently, one young man who is in the ministry for the past few years came to visit me.  He was little disturbed and upset.  God called him for ministry among young people.  Through his ministries many young lives were transformed.  He also got married and blessed with a child.  One famous (if not popular) preacher who had Television, magazine, church, social projects, and Internet ministries requested him to come and assist him.  So, he went to become the associate of the preacher.  In a shrewd manner the preacher said, “God will meet your needs.  You have to live by faith.  We will also help you.”  My friend, young and new to this pious, holy terminology of preachers did not understand but trusted his needs would be taken care of.  He was never paid a salary for six months and whenever he asked for money, the preacher replied:  “Have faith, God will provide.”  And the worst thing was, in front of this young man, the preacher bought a chair that costs Rs. 37000 which he paid in cash.  Not only that in the six months, the preacher has upgraded his phone, upgraded his vehicle and bought another car for his wife too.  The preacher has a fan club (no disciples) who blindly follow him (like sheep ready for slaughter) and give him liberally. 

The preacher was violating the command of God, i.e. not to withhold the wages of a worker and shold be paid before sun goes down.  He was a miserable steward who was increasing his luxury while exploiting and oppressing his co-workers.  His co-workers were starving, he was enjoying life like Nero who fiddled.   If he has more funds, he should give it to ministries that are in need of instead of upgrading gadgets and vehicles.  This is an example of Glamorous ministry in the contemporary world. 

I know another humble preacher who lives in England.  He began a ministry that has touched all countries in the world.  By his sacrificial ministry, thousands of leaders have emerged in all parts of the world.  Even today, his influence is so enormous among the global Christians.  When he began his ministry, he had a small office for several years.  His office was redesigned bath room (Rest room).  The toilet seat was his chair.  From there he wrote so many books that was published, translated and distributed in millions.  I have read some of them and was blessed.  This is Glorious ministry, in which a toilet seat becomes a throne of a preacher who shakes the world. 

Today, the world is for Glamour.  The self-advertising prophets and evangelists enjoy the moment of glory in this world.  However, true servants of God are self-effacing, sacrificing, leaders with simple lifestyle and God’s Glory rests on them.  The sad part is, most Christians do not know the difference between glamour and glory and settle for the poor substitute.  They invest in those ministries that would not give them long-lasting rewards. 


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Preacher, Teacher and Writer. Serving Lord Jesus Christ through Community Bible Study
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One Response to Glorious or Glamorous

  1. John Kenyon says:

    The good news is that God is just. No one can escape this. And only those who see that his judgments are good and true will receive his greater mercy.

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